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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  May 9, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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our drought conditions. we begin with marianne favro in san jose. >> you can't hose down your sidewalk or wash your car in the street right now. not just now, but any time regardless if there's a drought in california. your local water district is going to call the shots when it comes to how much you need to conserve. >> governor brown issued an executive order today that permanently prohibits what we found here in san jose. lawn sprinklers with water running down the street. the order also permanently bans other water wasting moves. >> we're still in a drought, these are actions about the future of california water supply. we're always going to have issues, wasting water is never acceptable, we need to do everything we can to use water.
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>> i know it's hard for all us, living here, having to conserve water and taking five minute showers. it may not be a bad idea to hold off for another year, it couldn't hurt. >> you could tell looking at this groundwater recharge pond in san jose, the conservation helps. don't go back to long showers, the governor's order also calls for each individual water district to implement its own conservation target based on local needs. water districts will have to justify that number by providing numbers on water use and conservation every month. they're asking water users to cut back their water 30%. on june 14th, they will decide whether to reduce that amount.
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>> jeff ranieri is with us now. we've had a great six months in terms of rain around here, here comes the summer, what are we expecting. >> the drought impacts no doubt will start to erode some of the headway we've made when it comes to the drought. what i want to take a look at when the drought reached its worst, november 1st of 2015. for the peninsula, portions of the north bay and throughout the east bay. a current look shows a good section of the bay area now at the lowest category of the drought. for the east bay we've improved down to severe. none of the east bay is out of the drought, we've made some headway. 2015 versus 2016, a year ago .8 inch of snowfall. we're doing a lot better, but
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the summer will likely see things get worse yet again. >> you can track the drought on our website, click on the california drought watch at the top of our home page it will take you to our extensive stories we've done. >> face to face for the first time. the widow testifying about her last conversation with her husband before he and the family dog were shot on a hiking trail. peggy joins us now with an emotional scene inside that courtroom, peggy? >> it certainly was. two of the defendants were in marin county for a pretrial hearing today. they're being held for the murders of a canadian tourist. carter's widow testified today, 23-year-old lampley showed no emotion. >> a difficult day as the marin
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county court held two of the three defendants charged with murder. a 23-year-old canadian tourist in golden gate park. the hearing was short. set up to allowed carter's widow to testify early. in addition to losing her husband, she's being treated for cancer. she told the court about the last time she saw her husband alive. defendant lila oligood cried and held her hand to her mouth during the hearing. he will now be testifying against morrison lampley and oligood. >> many times you will have one codefendant that will rush to the prosecution to get a better deal. oligood continued to cry. the teenager who's been in jail for 7 months is now sober and terrified.
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>> the way the d.a. has postured this is time served. >> carter himself would have empathy for the defendant. >> we may never know what's inside these people. >> wherp found, they were driving the stolen car with stolen property. a new legal twist in the case of two san jose brothers who killed their parents. they may be tried separately. the judge granted a request by the older brother's attorney to delay the case until wednesday. the team's public defender says he's ready to go to trial. >> we want them to be severed. we're ready to move forward. >> the brothers suspected of shooting their parents to death in san jose two weeks ago. they both plead not guilty to
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two counts of murder opinion there are calls for a citywide general strike and the firing of the police chief are so far going unanswered. mark matthews is in san francisco this evening at a meeting about police accountability. will they try to disrupt tonight's meeting where you are? >> they're not disrupting tonight's meeting. it's underway right now, just on the other side of the curtain. we'll send you in there, when i tell you the meeting started at 5:30. most of the action was at city hall. organizers are calling for a citywide strength. what they got was a call of less than 100. >> marchers gathered on the sidewalk as police barricades block the entrance to city hall. >> we have hundreds of people that will come join us throughout the day. >> the 1,000 who had signed up on facebook never materialized.
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usually it was a crowd of 60 to 80 people marching around the hall. calling on the mayor to fire the police chief because of racist texts found on officer's cell phones and the number of black and brown brothers who had been shot by police. the goal was a shutdown of big business. >> the mayor only understanded money, so we're going to go after the money. >> justice isn't something -- an idea that just exists on its own, it's something we have to participate in democracy is not a spectator sport. >> two preliminary reports. one from the department of justice, commending the police department for reviewing its use of force policies.
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an incident review board would be set up. >> the second report came from the blue ribbon panel that is now hearing details of that report. the blue ribbon panel put together by george gascon. the blue ribbon panel found that the department is lacking in discipline and oversight. the police union has already responded to that report calling it one sided and biassed. greg sir said he's already working on the issues. nbc bay area. >> thank you. >> too many people in the bay area going nowhere fast because of car pool violators. you may have seen people illegally driving in the hov lanes. anywhere from 19 to 32% of
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drivers are using that car pool lane illegally many that's slowing down the hov lane. traffic should be moving 45 miles per hour for 10% of the time. but it's not. officials plan on fixing the problem this fall. that may require increasing the number of people in each car. are they really shutting down for good. uber and lyft shut down their services in austin, texas. stricter background checks for drivers. less than two days after people had their say at the polls, the lights in austin are off. >> saw them taking everything out of the offices. >> drivers must be fingerprinted. instead of going with it, uber and lyft left austin today p. >> that's so far all i've seen. >> uber's office does not begin
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to describe how we feel about shutting down. >> lyft is playing it differently and remains hopeful. we will look forward to bringing a way back to san antonio. back here in the bay area, taxis and ride hailing companies have been add odds for years. shah core boney, thinks bay area voters should get to decide too. >> we're asking members of the counsel to put this on the ballot. >> when it comes to governance, you avoid trying to go to the ballot. >> a pilot program doing monthly checks is still in its infancy. >> right now, from what our staff is telling us, the spot checks and background is working. >> san jose's background check
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will have its first review in august. >> was it a win or a loss? >> we go over the final economic numbers from super bowl 50. >> two homeowners are suing the city after raw sewage flooded their home. see how the cleanup is going. >> fog returning near the coastline, but for a few select spots, we're tracking 80s. i'll have details on that in my micro climate forecast. some homeowners on the peninsula
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are still dealing with el nino. a storm in march forced sewage tba some homeowners on the peninsula are still dealing with el nino. michelle roberts is live where the owners of two houses say they're suing the city. it's been a mess for them. >> it's been a really long journey for the family that lived behind me. they expect to be out of their home for another 6 to 8 months. right now they're expecting it to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars all out of pocket at this point. >> this is my capital for so many years. >> when jason remodeled his home a decade ago. he never expected all his hard
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work would be destroyed by raw sewage. >> it was like a geyser. >> following a strong el nino, human waste began spewing out of every toilet and shower head in the house. debris was flowing out of the air vents in the basement. >> turned my life upside down. >> insurance claims were denied because the sewer line is on city property. now, the families are filing a lawsuit against the city of milbrae. >> everything had to be ripped up. >> they're renting a small apartment in town until the repairs can be made. but he's running out of money. >> we're asking friends and  family to lenned us money so we can get the house back. >> the city won't comment on pending litigation. employees with sewer rat likely
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improperly sealed the line. at this point chen doesn't care who's to play. he want willings to get back in his home. >> the city isn't able to comment on pendsing litigation. nbc bay area news. the super bowl was in february, but today the super bowl report was released, there's some controversial about how beneficial it really was for san francisco. the controller's office did the math, the report shows the big game was an unqualified success, adding more than $11 million to the city's general fund. some of the members of the board of supervisors say the profit is less than $800,000. the supers visors estimate the nfl made $620 million off this game, supervisors are now
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righting laws to ensure in the future, big corporations pay their fair share for these special events. the monumental event will hold more significance to cici la mother. she went on to become a soccer legend playing in two olympics for the brazilian team before playing professionally here in the u.s. the game has come a long way, but a lot more needs to be done that both male and female athletes are paid equally. >> i can see every single girl in brazil waiting for this to ham. >> she will be attending the rio olympics to honor her home country. >> we are 88 days away from rio. and i will be headed there to cover the summer olympic games. >> you and cici should fly together? >> i know, it's going to be
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exciting. >> an unusual sighting. whales in our bay. these two were spotted near christie field in san francisco. just inside the golden gate bridge. let's bring in our chief meteorologist? >> we started to clear out as we head out this afternoon. the fog is still at the immediate coastline. >> as we get a look right now from weather underground. we are just entirely fogged in right now. for tomorrow morning, it will make an easy time for the low clouds to come back. do expect clouds for the entire bay area tomorrow morning. the north bay possibly to start a little drizzle for san francisco. also some of those patchy clouds down in the south bay and 51 degrees. by the afternoon, we will see numbers warm up. we talked about a few spots that will average 80 degrees.
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partly cloudy by the afternoon, trivalley near 80. san francisco in the heart of that brisk wind. you're only at an average of 63 tomorrow. north bay coming in at 78. a huge warmup on the way for the north bay as we head into tomorrow's forecast. we have high pressure sitting off shore. that's the main reason our afternoon temperatures will continue to warm over the next three-day period. we'll see this warm weather through thursday's forecast. numbers begin to go back down right near average. friday, saturday and sunday 70s start to return. san francisco even with warmer weather, don't expect any heat this week. keep the jagged handy. in about 25 minutes, we're talking about the next chance of
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rainfall. we'll have details on when we could see this moving in in 25 minutes. >> we shall see you then. donald trump has all but wrapped up the republican nomination. does california's primary still matter? ==reveal==
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trending on twitter... a new bill will require single-person public restrooms to be gender neutral. the caor trending on twitter, a new bill that will require single person public restrooms to be
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gender neutral. we posted the information to our website. conservationists are offering a $15 million award for three men that went on a drunken rampage. they may have killed one of the rarest fishes in the world. a new home for hillary clinton's
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campaign. her san francisco campaign office is officiallopen tonight. =vo= it's on van ness avenue... th a new home for hillary clinton. her campaign office is officially open this evening on van ness avenue. the other two are in l.a. and oakland. mrs. clinton was in the bay area, you may recall last friday, visiting supporters and attending a couple fund-raisers. bernie sanders is holding a rally, he's a longshot to win the democratic party nomination, the vermont senator continues to fight on 37. there are long lines and big crowds waiting to hear him speak. he's expected to make stops in
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the bay area before our primary on june 7th. for months, the state has been a buzz over the prospect of california voters. left dangling is the democratic nomination which remains in play. larry gursten joins us now to explain what's the twist and what's the hangup. >> dangling is a good way to say it. hillary clinton just hasn't been able to nail down the necessary number of delegates, thanks to an energetic effort by vermont senator bernie sanders and a cadre of very loyal followers. the result is that the democrats have lost the advantage they hoped to win with a drawn out republican race. instead, the shoe's on the other foot. >> it's almost hard to fathom, clinton started out with a massive lead in the polls. now what? >> the latest numbers tell you
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one thing. on the surface, it looks like a comfortable lead for clinton. the super delegates can vote for whoever they want. >> that's an important point. >> clinton was here for the weekend. sanders is in sacramento tonight. now it's more than just about delegates, it's more about the delegates than the fund-raising, right? >>. >> about 1,000 left. more than half will be determined on june 7th, when 476 will be elected to join with 70 delegates. >> is it possible california will be a tipping poib the in
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the democratic nomination rather than the republican? >> yes, clinton needs to finally nail down the nomination once and for all. sanders needs a venue to catch up and go ahead of clinton. here it is. this isn't the race we expected, i'm telling you, then again, this whole year has been a series of unexpected events, and we just added another. >> certainly not the way we had planned it. >> did your home health nurse come out to see you? i said, no, there is no home health nurse. >> in the hospital, kids get the care they need. sometimes when they go home, everything changes. i'm liz wagner. coming up next, the reason parents and a local lawmaker say california is breaking a promise to some of the sickest kids in the state? an east bay police department is under fire tonight accused of misreporting crimes to make the city of pittsburgh seem safer. i'm jodi hernandez, i'll have a
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live report coming up.
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(music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪
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♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪ (inhales cigarette) claims from a disgruntled ex- cop? right now 6:30, is it a cover-up or false claims from a disgruntled ex-cop. depends on who you ask from the pittsburg police department. >> the pittsburg pd has been falsifying crime numbers for years. jodi, have we gotten a response from the department? >>. >> the whistle blower, a so-called whistle blower claims
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the police department is deliberately misreporting crime, tonight the department denies it. >> it is a cover-up when you take real crimes and deliberately call them something else. >> that's what a former high ranking pittsburg police officer is accusing the pittsburg police department of doing. in the 32 page wrongful termination claim, former lieutenant wade derby claims the department instructs its officers to underreport crime. and has been doing so for years. >> don't write it up as a crime. write it up as a suspicious circumstance. because that does not get reported as a crime. >> statistics gathered by the bay area news group showed that pittsburgh reported an average of 245 incidents labelled suspicious circumstances each year. between 2000 and 2014. a higher percentage than other nearby cities. the richmond police department doesn't use the category at all. >> a manual on report writing
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obtained by nbc bay area spells it out. instructing officers to label a case as suspicious circumstances when the facts are obscured. >> pittsburgh would say, we don't want this on our books, can we get away with calling it a suspicious circumstance. >> pittsburgh's former mayor and a lifelong resident believe the waterfront city is safer than it was a decade ago. but says the police department needs to be up front about the real crime numbers. >> the department needs to get out front in explaining that to the community. >> the police department released this statement. we are aware of the allegations and dispute them in their entirety. these are allegations of an employee that is retired and suing our city for $100 million. our chief has asked the district attorney to independently review reports in an effort to show transparency. the d.a. is not commenting. in pittsburgh, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news.
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>> thank you. some of the sickest kids in california, they need care 24/7. now, advancements in medicine allow these kids to return home. >> our investigative units liz wagner, what's the hold up with this. >> the demand for home care is increasing, but the supply hasn't caught up. some people blame low pay. getting vital services is harder than it should be. >> an unclenched hand. a breath without a ventilator. two tiny victories. fin fought hard to achieve. she weighed less than two pounds
6:33 pm
when she arrived 8 weeks early. finn is still surrounded by machines and medicine. but now hugs from mom happen in her own bed. >> we really wanted her home. would that have been a possibility if we stayed in the bay area? we would not have been able to bring her home in the bay area. >> they knew her daughter needed 24/7 care. >> threw go. you ready? >> to give her life sustaining treatment. >> we check her gas trip tube. >> in napa, their search for full time nursing support came up short. so they moved 500 miles south. >> you had to uproot your family from the bay area and move down to san diego to find nursing services? >> yes. >> should it be that way? >> no. >> finn's long journey home highlights what many call a lack of vital home care for really
6:34 pm
sick kids. the investigative unit contacted the children's services department in all nine bay area counties. six report concerns or problems. clients are on waiting lists for months. or napa where none of the agencies could provide home health for kids. >> it's very difficult. >> chris frank works for maxim. >> he says it's a constant challenge to feel shifts for patients like fin whose fragile medical conditions entitle them to medical. >> are there times when your agency can't provide services to people in need? >> yeah, every week. >> maxim funded this 2015 study which found access to home care is decreasing for medihelp patients. >> agencies are not taking these kids like they used to. >> 144 agencies in the bay area
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accept medical. 34% of them report they provided care for children. >> for breaking a promise to some of the sickest ks in california it's unacceptable. north bay senator says increasing pay could increase access. >> has this reached crisis level? >> absolutely. bureaucrats in sacramento are turning their heads. as long as they don't change the numbers -- >> we have an issue with home health aids in the state. >> the department responsible for helping low income and disabled californians. she says the state doesn't track when agencies turn down patients. beyond a few anecdotes, the department hasn't received consistent complaints. >> are you asking for that
6:36 pm
information to help get a better picture of what's going on? >> if we were worried about it, or thought there was a systemic or even a geographical problem. we could do that. >> the state overseas the number of home care hours authorized but doesn't track the hours agencies can't fill. >> wouldn't it be worth looking into that information? >> yeah, i'm happy to look into it. >> can you commit to see if there is an access problem? >> yeah, we can do that. >> obstacles aren't limited to medical patients. >> after 40 days in the hospital following two throat surgeries, james returned to his santa rosa home. >> it's really scary, the first few days of coming home. >> james eats through a feeding tube, when o'leary found blood in his stomach fluid she called kaiser. they said, did your home health nurse come out to see you?
6:37 pm
i said, no, there is no home health nurse. there is no pediatric home health available in the area. a nurse finally visited 10 days after james came home. kaiser told us they can't discuss the case. but said the shortage of home health nurses is affecting the entire community. >> we do this -- >> with the right resources and committed care gavers, they believe kids like their daughter can this riv. finn is it a success story. they say it's all because of opportunity. >> and she's getting more and more opportunities every day. >> now, we're also hearing from doctors and icu nurses, they say kids have to stay in the hospital months longer than necessary in some cases because they can't find available in home nurses. they warn that it's an expensive problem for the state.
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not only is home a better place for children, it's usually cheaper too. >> struggle for those families as well. >> they're brave for speaking out. if you have a tip for liz, give us a call at 888-96 tips. it could be a game changer, ups ateaming up with a silicon valley start-up, to revolutionize drone delivery. what they plan to do with those drones. should state lawmakers continue to make money while they're suspended? how can you have your say next month. access to our neighbors up north
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got a little easier
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today. nonstop flights from silicon visiting our neighbors up north got a little easier today. nonstop flights started this morning. one of the first direct flights from san jose this morning. air canada's two hour flight will happen twice a day. it's one of many new direct destinations they're starting this year. they began direct service to london's heathrow airport just last week. the arrest of leyland ye has prompted a measure on the june 7th balance odd. it would allow state lawmakers to revoke their colleagues pay. when the decision was made to suspend ye, a state lawman dated that they still get paid. prop 50 would allow the senate or assembly to block the pay with a two thirds vote. the future of the tower atop
6:42 pm
mount umanum is up for a vote tomorrow. the board of supervisors will decide whether to declare the tower historic. adding to the historic inventory would make it a lot harter. it was used by the air force during the cold war. >> if you look way up, you can see it up there. >> our to be letter radar is up there too. >> we learn something new every day. >> sometimes the scan misses a few things, we're on top tracking it for you on nbc bay area. we had drastically different conditions. check it out at the coastline, a chilly 54 and cloudy, we're tracking what this fog means for your morning four cast and who has 80 tomorrow. the promise of drone delivery gets a lot closer. coming up, we'll take you from
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launch to payload dropoff straight ahead. from drones.
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today, a silicon valley startup made a huge move in that here's an idea, front door delivery service from drones. a silicon valley start-up made a huge move in that direction. >> the start-up is teaming up with ups. scott bud man has the inside look. scott. >> drone delivery is becoming a reality. thanks to drones that look a lot like small planes. it's all starting with a bay area company and a national delivery chain. as you can imagine, it kicks off with a launch. >> if you look up into the skies above half moon bay, you'll see the future. a 22 pound drone that can go almost 40 miles in a single run. capable of making deliveries. >> with a drone that looks like a plane like this, compared to a quad copter you're used to seeing, we can fly further,
6:46 pm
faster and more reliably. >> inside silicon valley start-up zipline designs the drones. outside, they test them. having just signed a deal with ups to deliver life saving supplies through airdrops like this one to hospitals in rwanda. >> over the last few months we've been working directly with the government of rwanda to use zip lines to make deliveries of blood to about half of the trans fusing facilities in the country. >> with the goal of expanding air delivery. >> we have those challenges even here in the u.s. and a lot of first world countries. certainly a lot of other parts of the world whether it's conflict or poor infrastructure or washout roads. >> one flight and one payload. >> this is a standard unit of blood. >> at a time. >> as for a future of commercial
6:47 pm
drone delivery to our homes? zip line says it's in talks with the faa, ups a little more cagey, says it will learn from the current experience. in half moon bay, scott budman, bay area news. it happens only once a decade, mercury passes right in front of the sun. the black dot, that's mercury. it happened earlier this morning, you can see it with binoculars and a solar filter. >> that was most of the bay area, it was overcast in the city, other parts of the city had sunshine. >> hopefully you were able to see it if you were trying to look. >> that fog stayed in place. our weather underground sky cam
6:48 pm
showing exactly what we've dealt with today. there's some sunshine. can you see the small layer of fog that's beginning to move in as that stayed right near the coastline. currently 63 degrees. san francisco it is colder at 55 degrees, we are clouded in again for the east bay. with the fog near the immediate coastly, many of you know if it's here at 7:48 at night, it's going to be back for tomorrow morning. that's what we're forecasting. 47 and partly sunny skies for the east bay. we will eventually get more sunshine by tomorrow afternoon. it's building in just the right spot, we're not going to get too hot, it will warm temperatures up as it moves in off shore. let's take you to the time line of what we can expect tomorrow. you'll see the fog expected right there at the immediate
6:49 pm
coastline, the thickest for tomorrow morning. a little bit of green showing up, computer models are indicating the possibility of drizzle. low clouds, and that continues right into the north bay. i think we cannot rule out low clouds to start for the morning hours. there's your sunshine for the interior valleys. half moon bay, you'll get that typical fog that begins to build in this time of year. if you're here visiting, looks like you should be able to get a snapshot of that sometime in the late morning hours. by the afternoon, temperatures warm up, san jose expecting 78 degrees. couper teenie a degree warmer. keeping your numbers down. the wind won't be strong enough to keep the temperatures down. a cooler 63 for the marina.
6:50 pm
>> for the north bay, east bay and trivalley, a fantastic afternoon tomorrow, once we get over the fog in the morning. up to 79 in santa rosa. mill valley 76. for the east bay, mid-70s in freemont. oakland pushing up to 70. our warmest temperature will be presidenten ton at an expected 82 degrees. we'll see temperatures staying pretty comfortable here as you look ahead toward this upcoming weekend. 75 for the south bay, 76 on sunday. beyond this, what is our possibility of rainfall. that's the huge question, i ask myself each and every day. looks like may 17th through the 21st, we could get wet weather returning. long range models are showing, we may be good for another quarter to half inch with some of the wet weather as it arrives. i'll track it every day, and we'll have that update as we get closer. will he or won't he play? our cameras caught steph occur
6:51 pm
require warming up. the decision has been made. we'll share it with you next. big night for the sharks...
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6:53 pm
in nashville...arrivi ng for duty. if they win -- they advance to it's a big night for the sharks, in nashville, there they are, arriving for duty in their suits and changing into their sweaters. they advance to round three of the playoffs. a great start for the sharks tonight. chris tierney, two goals in the first period. the sharks lead the predators 2-1 going into the second period. if the sharks win, they advance to the conference finals. if they lose tonight, that would force a game seven which would
6:54 pm
be thursday night in san jose. a welcomed sight for the warriors. steph curry warming up. it is official steph curry will be playing in the game tonight. multiple nba sources are confirming he will be made the most valuable player for the second straight season. the official announcement is expected later this week. steph again on a role. >> no big surprise there. for the first time in 112 years, golf will be part of the olympics. >> just based on that number, the competition to make the field harder than any major, here's colin resch. >> you could probably feel the tension in the air, every player wanted to win the tournament, most had an alternate agenda. this summer's olympic games. >> it's definitely heated out
6:55 pm
here. it's on everyone's mind. everyone's thinking about it. >> alison lee is on the outside looking in for team usa. ranked 28th in the world. she's 7th among americans. the top four make it. and according to kate cochrell, everyone wants to make it. >> they grew up watching the olympics, how cool would that be to be able to compete in the olympics and have that chance to win olympic gold. >> they can't help but imagine the opening ceremony. that self-inflicted pressure is taking its toll. >> it's definitely been on my mind. i've been adding additional pressure on myself for the last couple months for sure i feel like it's getting in my head. i have to take it one shot at a
6:56 pm
time. sometimes it's good to put that pressure on yourself to push yourself, but it's going to be tough. >> the cutoff date is july 11th. >> anything can happen. >> in total. 60 men and 60 women will compete in rio. colin resch, nbc bay area. tonight at 11:00, the hunt for three men who went on a drunken binge in death valley national park. the reward being offered for any information that leads to their arrest. >> we'll have all that and more coming up at 11:00, we hope to see you then. >> thanks for joining us.
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financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can. surprise celebrity breakup. did sharon osbourne catch ozzy cheating? the new report she kicked him out, now, on "extra." sharon and ozzy divorcing after 33 years? the screaming headlines today about an ozzy secret affair. who is the rumored other woman, and what sharon told us the last time she threw ozzy out. >> you're like, what? what happened? donald trump on his makeup with megyn kelly. >> she wanted to make peace, and we did. >> what the fox news queen has in mind now for hillary clinton.


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